Prioritizing Lab Energy Saving & Safety at Brown

July 10, 2018

Join EH&E and Brown University for this presentation at the CSHEMA Annual Conference!

To help achieve their aggressive carbon reduction goals - 42% by 2020 - Brown University partnered with EH&E on a campus-wide laboratory energy optimization program. Attend this session to learn how Brown University achieved energy savings while prioritizing safety in the labs. This informative session will discuss:

  • The control banding risk assessment process and how it helps determine if a lab is a viable candidate for energy savings.
  • Strategies to prioritize health and safety in the lab when implementing an energy reduction program.
  • Developing a strong collaboration between facilities and health and safety departments in order for lab energy savings programs to succeed.
  • The key components of a Laboratory Ventilation Management Plan (LVMP) and how it is used to ensure ongoing performance, savings and safety.

If you've been struggling with how to get an energy optimization program off the ground - and how to do it safely - visit the EH&E booth #203 to discuss the best approach and potential energy savings on your campus.

Questions before the conference? Contact Leo Ryan at 800-825-5343 or lryan@eheinc.com.

Visit the CSHEMA website for more information.

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